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Help with an 88 5KCS

Took a look at an 88 5k turbo (is that the 5kcs?) today.

First, the owner is asking in the neighborhood of $300 for it, and looking
to get rid of it yesterday, cause he's already moved outta town and needs
to unload this.

It is sitting at a local shop ("European car specialists..." yah right).
Body looks good, interior is good.  165k on the odo.  But, it won't run.
Under the bay, everything looks good.  A little drippy around the power
steering canister, oil a little old, air cleaner box open (not broken).

Now, where should I start?  It should have enough juice to at least turn
over, but it doesn't.  The mechanics took a while a looked at it
(previously), and couldn't get it running.  They said they started it once
or twice, but it just died.  I had no luck either.  No clicking, no
attempt to turn over.  My next attempt will be to jump it, but I thought
I'd write in for more help.

Could it be the airbox being open?  Don't think so.  There were some
intermittent beeps from the 'puter, but nothing showed on the display
except "OK".

Any help appreciated... should I buy for a project, or not?


                    [PGP] finger mchang@ece.nwu.edu