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Where Can I Get OZ Turismos and my UItimate A4

Hi All,
	I am no longer on the list but was curious about something you all knowing
Audi owners could help me with. I absolutely love the look of the OZs on
the Audi A4 Touring cars in the BTCC. In a year or two when I can afford my
A4 I'd love to get a set of OZ Super Turismos, look like the BTCC racer but
they have lugs. I looked through a few issues of EC and saw people with
OZs, but no one with the Super Turismos (look sort of like the old ronals),
or the 5-spoke design they use in wet weather.
	Hook me up with an A4 2.8 Quattro with Sport package and black leather,
17" OZ Super Turismos, Aluminum dash kit, Boxster 5-speed 1 piece boot and
overlapping aluminum topped shift knob, Tech Art anatomically redone Audi
Sport steering wheel, and some sort of black chin spoiler and sideskirts
like the touring Audi and I'd be a happy man. Of course red Porsche brake
calipers with slotted rotors might be a nice addition too.
	If you can, please reply to me directly as I am no longer on the list.