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C&D A6

Happened to be at my mechanic's place thi smorning drinking coffee and
engaging in the usual non-productive banter.  USPS employee drops off the
morning mail with the November C&D.  Nic shot of the new 911 all decked
out in a medium blue on the cover.

They did a driving impression of the new A6.  Overall comments were very
favorable regarding just about everthing.  Stlye, quality of materials,
workmanship, fit, finish, etc.

Only "complaint"--the V6 just does not have enough low end oomph.  But the
quickly said that Audi is positioning the car into the "luxury" class not
the "sport sedan" class.  Also said that Audi is dropping hints about a
V8 being available--maybe.

Looks like another winner for Audi--doen't do much for us waiting for the
S4, hoping for an S6, etc.

Dec issue will carry a review/test of the A4 Avant.

Bill Murin
89 100q