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Denver area Audi folks

     Prestige Motors is offering free 1 hour inspections with Audi factory
     reps on your Audi during the week of Oct 6-10. You are one on one
     with the tech during the process.  There is no catch except, of course 
     what they find wrong and want to fix...  Somehow they got my name, as 
     I never taken my 200 there. Prestige sent me a card in the mail last 
     month and I called today-- a week over their deadline.  They still had 
     plenty of openings.  Tell them you lost your card or whatever and 
     maybe you too can get your 'free' inspection from AOA.  Worth a shot.
     ps Thanks for keeping the source of this information anonymous. 
     Prestige Motors number is   303 238 8101