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Re: 90CS Quattro - Tires again and brakes

>As for tires, I'm looking at BFG COMP TA ZR, Bridgestone Potenza RE71, 
>Dunlop SP 8000 or D40M2, or Yokohama A008P or AVS Intermediate.  I'm 
>mostly concerned with dry performance, with acceptable wet.  Right now 
>I'm leaning towards the RE71.  However, I had 008s on the car previous to 
>the 4kCSQ (a fiero, I was young and stupid then) and loved them.  Anyone 
>have experience with the above willing to offer some advice?  (The 4kCSQ 
>lived with A509/Hakka 10).
I had the AVS intermediates on my old Coupe and damn they stick.  Even 
oin the wet they are awesome.  My only problem with them is that they 
dont last too long, i.e. only about 20,000 miles.  Which is suppose is 
ok, as they are not TOO expensive.  But in terms of dry performance, i 
dont know of anything that could beat them.  although, i dont know about 
P-Zero's in 15 inch size...hehe...but they are expensive as hell...maybe 
some Bridgestone S0-2's? anyway, catch ya later.

Michael Sheridan Williams

My new one: 1985 4000 S Quattro
164,000+ miles, and going like a new car

1985 Coupe GT
163,000+ miles