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90CS Quattro - Tires again and brakes

Greetings to everyone,

  I just joined the list, after perusing a bit of the archives on Dan 
Simoes's web site (what an effort Dan puts in! my thanks to him).

  I recently traded in my trusty '87 4kCSQ, which has kept me mobile to 
for the last 5 years and 70k miles, on a '94 90CSQ, and I have a few 
questions about the 90.

The car currently has 195/65-15 Michelin MXV4 tires on it, which I find 
to be quite worthless.  Were these the standard tires on the 90CSQ?  I 
seem to have seen references to 205/(60 or 65?)-15 being standard, but 
some New England dealers were putting the 195 no^H^Hall-seasons on them?

I'm planning on replacing the tires ASAP, and want to get the sizing 

My plan is to replace the Michelins on the 5-spoke factory alloys with 
similarly sized studded Hakkapeliitta 1 tires (Vermont, 30 miles each way 
commute on back roads - did it on the previous Q and would live without 

Then, next spring it's a new set of alloys and tires, either 215/60-15 on 
15x7 or 225/50-16 on 16x7.5.  Has anyone put the latter on a 90CSQ?  I'm 
torn between the prices of mailorder, and the convenience of the local 
dealer if they don't fit.

As for tires, I'm looking at BFG COMP TA ZR, Bridgestone Potenza RE71, 
Dunlop SP 8000 or D40M2, or Yokohama A008P or AVS Intermediate.  I'm 
mostly concerned with dry performance, with acceptable wet.  Right now 
I'm leaning towards the RE71.  However, I had 008s on the car previous to 
the 4kCSQ (a fiero, I was young and stupid then) and loved them.  Anyone 
have experience with the above willing to offer some advice?  (The 4kCSQ 
lived with A509/Hakka 10).

Also, brakes.  This past Sunday, I was taking the family on a drive 
through Lincoln Gap here in VT to look at the foliage.  Coming down the 
otherside, I was giving the brakes a good workout.  Perhaps too good a 
workout.  We began to smell warm^H^H^H^Hhot brakes and in fact the brakes 
seemed to be on, even without the pedal depressed.  I stopped, and there 
was smoke coming from the rear brakes.  It was a though the handbrake was 
on.  However, it wasn't, and hadn't been since we left home.  After a 
cooling off period, everything seemed OK (well, the right rear still 
seemed to drag a little).  It goes to the shop tomorrow, but anyone have 
any guesses what happened?  Did I boil the brake fluid in the rears?


Gee, I just got a message from the list that seems to be from a Bob Davis 
(bob@segNET.COM).  Maybe I'd better go by Kevin Davis to eliminate 
confusion?  (I hate to be called Rob or Robert).
Bob (Kevin) Davis