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RE: knobby question-wooden you know

>When I'm not turning the wheel of my Quattro, I'm often turning at my
>woodlathe. Looking at the deteriorated finish of the stock OEM gearshift
>knob on my '91 200q, I realized that I could turn a new one with little
>more effort than removing and refinishing the old...
>Anyone BTDT? Suggestions? ...

Yes I've BTDT.  I dislike the stitched-leather knobs as on my A4Q (the
nylon stitching comes undone & starts sticking you in the hand).  So
I turned my own out of a chunk of cherry-wood.  I drilled a hole for
the shift rod, and tapped it using the relevant tap (10mm or 11mm or
so - I forget).  I don't have a lathe, so I used my drill-press turned
on its side, using the tap screwed into the block as the "axle".  I
turned it 'oversized' at the top, then sculpted it by hand after that.
After fine-sanding, I made a shift pattern using PC draw software, and
laser-printed it (in negative) onto an overhead transparency sheet,
back sprayed that with silver paint, cut out the circle and glued onto
the top of the knob (after 'turning' a slight recess for it to fit into).
Finally, I coated the whole thing with a two-part THICK clear resin
(available from craft stores) and it looks really good! I reinforced
the screw threads with resin (then re-tapped) and screwed it onto the
shift rod. (Whew - more than you wanted to know, I'm sure.)
I'm actually considering doing it all again if I can get hold of a piece
of burlwood the right size.

>Related question: Audi's "Zebrano" is a designation knocked around quite a
>bit on the list, but, even assuming it _is_ real wood veneer under all
>plastic finish, I don't think "Zebrano" is a recognized name for a wood
I'm no expert but I've seen "Zebrano" referred-to in many places incl.
magazines etc., for Mercedes and other makes in addition to Audis.  It
IS real wood veneer by the way.

-Mark Quinn