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RE: Porsche Turbo S (no Audi content)

Back in late 1995, I saw two heavily disguised Boxsters driving down
Virginia street in Reno, probably to the PCNA building on Liberty
street.  That was rather interesting, as I'd never seen a disguised
prototype car like that before.  I've seen Mercedes engineers in death
valley doing hot weather testing.  It's amazing seeing all the different
telemetry systems they stuff into those cars, for their warm weather
testing data.


-mark nelson

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> Sent: 	Tuesday, September 30, 1997 11:01 PM
> To: 	Mark Nelson; Quattro List
> Subject: 	Re: Porsche Turbo S (no Audi content)
>  i beat you on this.  I saw a turbo S about four or five months ago
> when 
> i went to Sonnen Porsche in Marin, CA.  They still hadnt taken off the
> shipping wax that they put on the paint.  It was silver.  My friends
> and 
> i all thought that it was jsut some 911 that was given a body kit to
> look 
> cool and then taken care of really poorly.  Hehe, little did we know,
> we 
> werent even supposed to see the thing, the guy in charge there kinda
> came 
> over, told us what it was then promptly hid it in their
> workplace..hehe
> Another cool thing that i have seen was a CLK about 10 months ago, i 
> believe that it was around christmas time as i was home from college,
> it 
> may have been november.  They were doing some photo shoot for a 
> commercial, it really looks good in person.
> Then i also saw the C5 way before it was supposed to be in dealers, i
> saw 
> it with my girlfriend a long time ago here in westwood, CA.  I believe
> it 
> to be the one that Car and Driver was using in their article.  It
> wasnt 
> even close to delivery time for the dealers.
> The last cool (prototype or not yet out car) car that i saw was just 
> recently i saw the new volvo coupe on the freeway.  Man is it funny 
> looking.  I was coming up on it and i thought, what a wierd mercedes, 
> then i saw that it was the volvo.  I*t was that really wierd orangish,
> pukinsh color too, it was being followed by a V70 AWD.  Anwyay, i
> think 
> that they arent su[pposed to be introduced for another few weeks.  
> Correct me if i am wrong.  Later all.
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