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RE: simple 4ks plug gapping ? and Bentley/hesitation

I can't remember off the top of my head the correct gap for the plugs
but I seem to remember a slightly larger gap.  I will try to find the
correct one when I get home.  

As far as the Bently is concerned, YES.  I shelled out the dough for the
big red book and it was really worth it to me.  It is crammed full of
specs that are very important and usefull however I retained the Haynes
because it was quite a bit more tutorial than the Bentley.

I have not owned an automobile with a choke so I'm not sure but I think
the closest comparison on this car would be the differential pressure
regulator.  I believe that it senses engine temp. and adjusts fuel/air
ratio accordingly.  A common problem seems to be the temp. sending unit
being band or a problem in the wiring to the temp sending unit .

I had a similar problem with my 86 4ks that if I went WOT the car would
buck terribly until I let off the accelerator for a moment.  Needless to
say this made merging on the freeway interesting.  After replacing BOTH
fuel filters, all four injectors, temperature and the cold start valve,
I stumbled across a small screen filter actually inside the hollow bolt
where the fuel line meets the fuel distributor.  Apparently this filter
was intended to be removed a the 1000 mile service by the Audi dealer.
Mine was completely clogged.  I removed it an VIOLA no more bucking.  I
have heard that it is recommended for everyone to check for this filter
and remove it.
chris perry

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>Subject:	simple 4ks plug gapping ? and Bentley/hesitation
>Hi all,
>Well,  I currently only have the Haynes that came with my car rather
>than a bentley.  The Haynes does say gapping is important, but I couldn't
>find the value in it.  Anyone know plug gap for an '86 4ks?  (For now, I'm
>at the .030 that the plugs all came at - seems ok)
>Also, how are the bentley's as far as troubleshooting go?  I'm trying to
>decide whether I want to lay out that $100.  (cheaper sources, btw?)
>Also, being new to cars with FI, is there and equivalent to a choke circuit?
>My car runs horrible the 1st few minutes.  Idles ok, and if accelerated VERY
>gradually, gets up to higher rpms ok too.  Any mildly quick step on the accel
>nearly kills it.    The symptom is not so much rpm related, as one of an
>apparent extreme part-throttle (0-1/4 or so) leanness.  Any ideas?
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