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Misc. V8 questions

        I have owned a V8 (91, 5spd, 75k) for 14 months now.  Really, really
love it and want to keep it a while.  Now I want to get down to some
maintenance/minor modifications - I would love advice on the following
topics from other owners, as well as other feedback someone might throw at
me about aspects of the car they see as useful.

1)      Brake Mods.

        Still have original UFO brakes.  Considering switching as brakes
will need overhaul in another 10 to 15k.  I have heard that 1)UFO rotors CAN
be turned instead of replaced, 2) Conversion kit results in reduced stopping
power.  Have also had both of the above contradicted by others.  VERY
CONFUSED.  Any input?  Is it worth it?

2)      Suspension mods.

        Need new shocks.  Go stock?  Any aftermarket options?  Does
switching front brakes reduce/expand or not alter wheel choices, i.e.
putting snows on the factory 15" and going 16" or 17" for summer?

3)      Shift linkage to 5 spd.

        Sloppy (compared to those slick kits we would always buy from Metric
Mechanic for our BMW's).  Any tips on cleaning that up?  Aftermarket kits

4)      Chips

        I understand TAP and others have a chip for the V8.  Does it get you
anything?  Other minor mods that yield a nice $/gain ratio for the output?

5)      Sound system

        Still had the original, awful head unit that came with it.  What's
the simplest way to yank that thing out and put in a modern piece?  After
MUCH sleuthing with stereo shops, someone said there was an $80 harness that
let you use preamp outs from a higher-end, dual pre-amp out stereo with the
existing speakers.  Again, others contradicted that.  Anyone have experience
here?  Also, has anyone put in a fixed/retractable antenna to try to improve

6)      Seat heaters

        Only fault on the car is that one rear seat heater is
non-functional.  Any typical easy fault I can correct/troubleshoot here or
is this a big expense requiring licensed help?

        That's all I am getting into for now, which is plenty to take on
before winter gets here and the ski train goes back into steady use.  I had
a very positive experience with "Motorvac-ing" the fuel system, which I will
post in a separate e-mail.


        Bryan Kamerer