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Motorvac Carbon Clean - does it work?

        After suspecting that I wasn't getting all that I could out of my
fuel injectors, I hunted down and handed my car over to a mechanic with the
"Motorvac" fuel cleaning system.  This is the system reviewed about three
issues back in European Car in the (intermittently) ongoing MB 450SL story.

        Things went very well, and I recommend this system as delivering as
advertised.  My '91 V8 has 77k on it and saw a dramatic improvement in
performance and mileage after the treatment.

	I am the second owner, but do know the previous owner took outstanding care
of the car.  Still, a regular diet of New England/New York MTBE-blended high
octane and occasional Techron treatments left the car with a slightly uneven
idle at times and poor mileage compared to what others reported.

	Results from the NY state inspection are:

	Date/Mileage:		10/97 - 77,400 mi		NY Limits
				(100mi after Motorvac)

	HC			80				220
	CO			.05%				1.2%

	I do not have a baseline before the treatment; maybe someone more
knowledgeable can comment on these results for a car of this age/type.

	The car runs smoother and accelerates more strongly across the band.
Highway acceleration in top gear is much stronger, and there is no need to
shift down to 1st at sop lights - 2nd works very well, thank you.  Mileage
has improved about 10% according to the computer - I have not run enough gas
through to tell by the pump yet.  The computer has proved extremely accurate
in the past, though.  After the service the idle ran high intermittently for
about 50 mi, then settled down.  The first few start-ups will blow clouds of
junk out as a lot of the particulate will accumulate in the cat until driven
enough to force it out.

        In the New York/ So. CT area. the only two shops with the system are
Rallye Tire in Norwalk, CT and Autoscope on W. 37th St. in NYC.  Autoscope
did my car and, while an unimpressive looking garage, Al the owner is very
thorough and I have met other happy customers from there.

        If you suspect clogged injectors, dirty rails, etc. or are facing an
iffy sniff test soon, give it a whirl.  The company number is 1-800-841-8810
to find a shop near you.  It cost from $100 to $125 at different shops (the
two I spoke to, at least).  They have a web site at www.motorvac.com that
offers a $10 coupon towards the service if you fill out a short
questionnaire.  Also, I read a press release that said the service came with
a money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied, but I saw no mention of this
on the web site.

        Don't mean to go on and on, but when you find something that really
works you like to share the good news...

Bryan Kamerer