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No S4/S6!?!

Re. the price of the new S4 in the US (if we ever get it), what does the
M3 cost in Europe? I'm wondering about how the $50K figure came about -
if it's just converting DM to US$, then it doesn't apply - and although
I know the M3 is a very different animal in Europe, that might at least
give an idea of the kind of market Audi AG is aiming for and
consequently an idea of a possible US price.

- peter


Date: Sat, 04 Oct 1997 11:56:52 -0400
From: Ramana Lagemann <elmool@tiac.net>
Subject: No S4/S6!?!

> BTW went to see AoA yesterday to have it out once and for all on the
S4 and S6.
> Answer, we are not getting them for the forseeable future which is
through the
> 99 model year. Not worth the trouble and not enough real yuppies out
there to
> buy them in M3 quatities. They need to sell 10,000 to justify the
import and
> market surveys say they will be lucky to sell half that number.  Yeah
I know,
> the list will but them all....fat chance!
> BTW they will sell 20,000 S6 plus in Germany this year.

Arrrrghhhh! (I don't have legit argument as of yet for the above
statement-- I'm just fuming)

- ---- Five minutes later, after regaining some self control----

In my opinion-
	Audi must beat the M3 in looks, (they already have) brut power,
that too) and in handling (still slightly behind, but hellooooooo,
Quattro...) for a price a few thousand above or below that of the M3. 
	Unfortunately, they will have to do about $8K worth of cost
cutting to
bring down the projected USD rate of $50K to a more M3-ish rate of $42K.
If they can't do so they will have a hard time getting potential M3