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Upper stress bar worth it on Coupe?

I'm pretty new to the Audi thing, I've only had my Coupe GT for about a
month now.  Went junkyarding this past weekend, didn't find much useful
except a leather shift knob still in tact (some leather dye, and it looks

Anyway, I've noticed that a few places sell upper stress bars for the
Audis.  But I haven't heard anyone mention using one, or whether or not it
makes a difference on this particular chassic or not.  From my VW
experience, they are a must for hard drivers of the older cars.  But my
friend made a pretty interesting observation when he looked into the
engine bay of my Coupe.

"Look how high that steering rack is.  And it's made pretty well, it's
pretty hefty.  Almost high enough to be an upper stress bar."


So, the question is, do they make any difference on this car based on the
design of the rack.  And yes, I drive pretty hard ;), and yes, I can
definitely notice the difference on Volkswagens, both A1 and A2 chassis

Any input appreciated.

Barry J. McCabe
'85 Coupe GT - daily driver, luxury sports, etc.
'84 Jetta 2dr - beater, but somehow it keeps acquiring these parts that
make it more sporty ;)