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My '92 Quattro is a piece of #$$%^#@!!

** High Priority **

Hi, all.  Just subscribed to this list to see if anyone can shed any light
on my problem.  Bought the company car the President of the company
had been driving (1 year ago).  It's a '92 100CS Quattro, V6, automatic. 
It had 83,000 miles and he had religiously taken it into the dealer for the
suggested 7,500 mile service intervals.  They had stamped every
service and checked all the stuff they did.  I thought (silly me), "how
could this be a bad deal?"  It's a wonderful car, fantastic in the snow,
comfortable, good looking, got all the gadgets, etc, etc.

However, after putting a total of 3,000 miles on this piece of junk, my
wife had the transmission go out!!  Yup, I was driving it at the time with
an Audi mechanic beside me in the passenger seat.  They had to tow it
to the dealership and now they tell me (verified by independent
transmission shops) that Audi sells NO repair parts for the tranny and
that I have to replace it with a NEW one for $6,000 !  I've never owned
an Audi before and assure you I never will again.  Is this indicative of
the quality of these cars?

The dealer (who happens to be a friend) has so far gotten the factory
to say they'll contribute $2,000 toward the cost of the transmission,
since I had it in twice for suspected problems, and each time they
plugged it into the computer and reported "no problem."

Any ideas?