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Denver free inspection

For those of you in the Denver area who plan to take advantage of Prestige
Audi's 'free factory inspection', here is some info. I took my '91 200TQ
yesterday with the assumption that I was going to go over the car with a
technician who really knows this vehicle.  About 15 minutes into the deal,
after he looked at the oil and checked the lights, etc. and was surprised
when I told him it was a 20V Turbo, I could see that I knew much more about
this car than the technician.  This was when he offered that he really
doesn't know much about these cars because he usually works on Porsches.
So, AOA service comes through once more.  The only benefit was that I got to
walk around and look at the car while it was on a lift.

Ralph Poplawsky
'91 200TQ (will I ever learn???)