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V8 versus 91 200TQ, who is the lightweight?

Several magazines that I have show the V8 to weigh in at
~3950 lbs versus ~3650 lbs for the '91 200TQ 20V. 

The UFO conversion kit with the G60 dual piston calipers
(from the '86 5000TQ) and 276mm X 25mm (10.87 X 0.985 inch)
rotors must be working hard to haul down that V8.....I
believe a similar setup was used on the S4's in the US.

A local list member (Kent Crossley) upgraded his UFO's on
his 91 200TQ with a ~12.3  inch rotor setup and a 4 puck
caliper (AP racing?). He likes them a lot......

Maybe the new A8 front brakes with the 314mm X 30mm (12.36
X 1.18 inch) rotors and dual piston calipers can be
retrofitted to these cars for a few $$. 

According to the parts fiche, it looks like the A8 uses the
same 269mm X 20mm (10.6 X 0.79 inch) vented rear disc
brakes as what was used on the '91 200TQ, the V8 and on  a
few '89-90 200TQ/W with the HD towing package.

I will be installing a used set of these rear brakes on my
89 200TQ in the coming weeks. Thanks to Steve Manning for
the details on this upgrade.

Scott M.