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Rear Child Seat Anchors, 1989-91 100/200,1990-91 V8,1988-91 80&90

Chris Miller's new arrival (Congrats Chris!) and his
discussion on the rear child seat mounting reminded me of a
technical bulletin that may be useful for those Q-listers
with children. This bulletin (Group 68 # 91-06) mentions
that three additional child seat anchors can be added to
the rear parcel shelf on the 1989-'91 100/200's and on the
90-91 Audi V8's. There is also a bulletin that covers the
80 & 90 Models 1988-91 (Group 68 # 91-05). The latest
Bentley Manual for the 1989-91 100/200 shows these anchors
in group 68-40.

On the 100/200/V8 If you look in the trunk area underneath
the rear parcel shelf you should see three sets of mounting
locations, one in the center and two on each side. These
mounting locations have one large hole in the center and
three smaller holes already punched in the sheetmetal.

The top of the rear parcel shelf needs to be notched (cut)
to allow the following parts to be installed. Basically the
installation involves pop riveting a large support washer
from the trunk side and then bolting a bracket from the top
of the parcel shelf. There is a trim cap that covers this

100/200 parts list:

443 887 301B Cap
N 010 240 22 Mounting Bolt
443 887 269 Bracket
N 904 375 01 Blind Rivet
810 019 829 Spacer (for mounting bolt)
443 887 077C Washer (main support washer)
321 867 164 Plug ?
443 887 301 Cover (can be installed when anchors are not in

The 80&90 Models may use alternative parts.

Scott M.
89 200TQ