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Real (You're-a-pee'in) Lights for Type 89 (80/90/CQ)?

I just *know* there will be some opinions held strongly and loudly by at
least a few list members on this:
The headlights on my 1990 USA CQ, um, suck, yeah, that's it. Plus the
fogs have finally succumbed to rocks. Should I augment the stock
lighting with new driving lights in the fog location, or get real
headlights and put fogs there, or get real headlights that have fogs
built in and duct the holes for brake cooling?
Exposing my general lighting ignorance, what are the pros and cons of B3
body 1 bulb (H3 or is it H4?) vs B4 body 2 bulb (H1/H3, or is it H1/H4?)
vs S2 projector bulb Type 89 headlights? I believe the 2 bulb and
projector need a separate turn signal, OEM is in bumper cover, different
than the 1 bulb setup. Is that right?
I also believe the projector setup (as in the S2) is designed to be
mounted in a cockpit-controllable-for-retinal-burn socket. Can the
projector lights be mounted in a non-adjustable socket, or is the
adju$table $ocket nece$$ary?
Can the projector lights be fitted with Phil "I can SEE!" bulbs, or is
that redundant?
Count on relays as appropriate <g>.
Light 'em up, so to speak...
-Ian Duff.