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RE: bomb part #, brake lines part #

Nah, the tools used in every household I've been involved with are
limited to vise-grips, water pump pliers, screwdrivers, next door
neighbors, hacksaw, pipe wrench, "C" clamps, scratch awl, duct tape,
kitty litter, adjustable wrench, ball peen hammer, claw hammer, small
and large sledge hammers, hose, band-aids, waterproof epoxy, butane
torch, flashlight and the most imporant home owner's tool of all, the
check book. None of these are metric, except perhaps the overdraft value
in the last tool listed.
The *driveway* is an entirely different matter. Except the checkbook
must be included there as well.
-Ian Duff.
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> One thing: although
>fittings on those lines are 10x1mm, the hexes are 9/16". So now I am
>1 (ONE) inch sized tool in my toolbox.

EVERYTHING ELSE in your household is metrically sized???


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