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Stumped, fuel problem

Help!  I am stumped with a fuel problem, had to rent a car yesterday and
hope someone can give me some ideas.

My 86 5ktq will not start,  It starts fine in the morning but after it
gets up to operating temp. it will no longer start.

I tried to test the fuel pump using page 20.19 in the Bentley, I rigged
a tool to take the place of the VW 1348/3A... assuming that it is just
an on/off switch to supply current.  I got no current between the two
terminals.  I don't think I am testing this properly.

Another thing,  when I attach a test light to #13 fuse I get intermitent
current.  If I turn the key on I get no current, sometimes I get no
current when I am cranking the engine as well.  I did notice that when
the light did come on (current) the engine fired up.

Last thing, disconnecting the fuel pump sending unit and jumping the
fuel pump with a direct battery connection produces good fuel pump
noises and good fuel pressure, but will not start the car????

The only thing I have changed recently is the fuel pressure accumulator.
Hard starting lead to that change, and know hard starts have turned into
no starts.  I can not figure out why I get intermitent current to #13
fuse, and why the car will not fire right up when I jump the fuel pump.

If anyone has some ideas, I would sure appreciate it.


Miami, FL