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Light swap

So I'm changing my lights and.........

Today after looking at the '85 4 light set for months I put them into my'88
5ktq.  With winter coming and the lights on nearly all the time in winter I
figured I'd take advantage of the warm weather.  The aero lights suck as we
all know.

So they bolt screw right in.  No sweat.  I have new Hella H4 and H1 lights
for them to get the most from them.  As for the wiring?   At the moment I
was going to run w/o relays.  Regular 45/65 H4s and 55 H1s.  I have the
relays but I'm just lazy I guess.  I was at least going to run the lows w/o
them.  Shouldn't be any problem I figure. 

 But I'm having some problems so whoever has done this tell me where my
brain fade is.

H4s:  A high and low filament.  The lows look very dim, yellow in fact
though it is daytime.  But they are too yellow.  And the H1 inne high beam
is glowing dimly on the low beam so I'm grounding through that somehow. 
The H1 is grounded direct to chassis and not back through the switch.  I
assume the ground of the OEM connector goes to the switch.  Maybe I need to
ground the H1 to the same brown wire as the low is grounded to.

Switch to high beams and all seems normal.  The H4 is bright and the H1 is
bright.  The dim H4 low is weird though.  I ran another ground to the body
and there is no difference.

So I could run relays for the lows but I doubt that is why the low beam is

So besides the relay issue has anybody got any ideas?