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Re: Light swap

> H4s:  A high and low filament.  The lows look very dim, yellow in fact
> though it is daytime.  But they are too yellow.  And the H1 inne high beam
> is glowing dimly on the low beam so I'm grounding through that somehow.

(much snippage)

In short (hee hee), what I found when I went from dual rectangles to H4 rounds
is that the H4 bulb terminals are laid out *differently* than the sealed
beams.  Now if you remember that the L and H filaments go in "opposite"
physical direcections from ground, it is possible to switch the H and G
terminals with high beams still normal.  However, 12v applied to the L terminal
now has to run all the way through both filaments in series to get to ground.
This is a higher resistance, hence less power dissipation (dim yellow glow),
and since the H wire is tapped into the middle of this the inner high beam runs
in parallel with the high filament portion.  Got it?

So...., you need to pull the high and ground wires and female connectors out of
the socket and switch them.  A lot of Audi connectors are fairly easy to do
this to.  Look in there and a small metal spring tab hold the connector into
the plastic housing.  If you take a very small screwdriver you can push the tab
down and slide out the connector.  You will need to re-bend the tab up before
re-inserting it.

PS at your wattages you are "safe" using the stock harness.  But using relays
juiced from the alternator will get a higher voltage to the lights, yielding a
bit more light, and of course taking almost all the load off your precious
headlight switch.


Huw Powell
HUMAN Speakers