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Orange dash backlight bulbs

The bulbs fitted as stock in the ur-quattro orange dash are no longer available 
from Audi.  The original scheme used a white plastic bayonet lampholder and a 
separate halogen bulb that looks like a miniature transparency projector bulb - 
it has two stiff wires/prongs protruding from the base.
The replacement is Audi part #811 919 040BB - and it's marked: "Made in USA".
The replacement instructions are printed on the outside of the plastic 
enevelope, and are typical of US instructions - "Allow bulb to cool".  It's 
been dead a month, think it's still gonna be hot?

The envelope also carries a number - MPB1100-C.  Using the trusty workshop 
microscope (NOT normally carried in the car) I can make out a "GE" logo on 
the base.

Audi is ripping us off $20 each for these.  Anyone know of a source?

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club