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Re: 1998 Audi Concert/Concert-Bose radios

In a message dated 97-10-09 03:41:55 EDT, joukoh@vtoy.fi writes:

<< Does anyone know how to hook up a CD-box to a new 1998 model Audi factory
 radio?  Do the bits that worked with the old Gamma work with Concert and
 Concert-Bose systems?? >>

There is only one simple solution to directly connect a CD changer -- the
new-for-1998 Audi CD changer.  Unfortunately, this is not a low-cost
solution.  In addition, there is no backwards compatability with either of
the earlier Audi-supplied CD changers.  Neither the older Gamma or Delta
compatible units will work on the new Concert.  As has been the current
practice among most manufacturers, the Concert radio is also sortware
incompatible with off-the-shelf aftermarket CD changers.

If you want a quick-and-dirty solution, you are left with the choice of an FM
modulation installation using the antenna input for the CD changer signal.