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 -=> Quoting Phil Payne <=-

 PP> a) Is there a separate V8(Q) mailing list?
 PP> b) Does anyone recognise the 'PT' engine code, and/or know what the
 PP> 3.6 and 4.2 litre engine codes are?


     Engine Code: PT  3.6L, 240 BHP @5800 RPM
       (Stamped on left side just below head.) 

     Engine Code: ABH 4.2L, 280 BHP @5800 RPM
        (Stamped on left side just about hydraulic pump.)

     Automatic Trans: ATU (type 18)
     Manual Trans: AWW (type 16)

     Here in the states '90 and '91 had only PT engines.
            '91 was the only year a 5 speed was offered.

     '92 and on all had ABH engines, with a "modified"
         ABH engine management on California models.

     V8Q list: kind of, there was an "owners registry"
     on the Qlist for a while many moons ago, and V8Q'ers
     did exchange private email for a while, but it died
     a slow death and the posts migrated back to the Qlist.


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