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Re: Expectations.

On 10/09/97 16:27:14 you wrote:
>I was reading a document this morning that said the V8's timing belt was 
>designed to last for the life of the engine.  Isn't this true of the timing 
>belts on _all_ interference engines?
>After all, if the belt lets go, the engine's dead.  Ergo - the belt lasted 
>the life of the engine.
> Phil Payne
> Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club

I thought the belt was originally supposed to last 90k miles, but was lowered 
to 60k miles because they didn't seem to be able to last that long.  

Maybe I should tell Dad to start saving for a new engine to go with his new 
timing belt:-)  I'm sure he'll be pleased to hear what Audi expects of the 


PS: If the engine can last that long, why can't the ancillaries?  My 4ks has 
a little over 200k miles on it and it's about to get it's third timing belt.  
The head has never been pulled, and neither has the tranny (auto).

PPS: the car has never completely stranded me, although why Audi looped the 
belts around an engine mount...