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headlights/foglights for '94 Audi 100

Hello fellow Q-listers.

Recently, there has been a lot of talk lately about headlight and foglight
upgrades and installs for pre-90's Audi's.  Can anyone recommend upgrades
for a '94 100 S Wagon headlights?  Maybe all I need are stronger bulbs.
The Wagon's headlight illumination is already excellent, but I would still
like a little more.

Also, can anyone recommend foglights for the Wagon?  I currently do not
have any foglights.  I was hoping an aftermarket supplier may sell some
that will integrate nicely into the lower bumper of my Audi (where the
stock one's would go).  How are Audi's foglights?  Am I better off with
stock or aftermarket fogs?

Any and all help is appreciated.



94 100 S Wagon (silver bullet)