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substitute hydraulic oil

Ref:  My post of 19 September 1997, 21:49:58 EDT

I sent the following note to lube@swepcousa.com
    "...Please fax information on the compatibility of your Swepco
    715 Hydraulic oil with that specified by Audi as type "G 002 000"
    or Pentosin 7.1 hydraulic oil...A local distributor handles your
    product but has no information on its suitability for my

Yesterday I received the following, and I welcome your comments on it:

    (header deleted)
    In reference to your e-mail of 10/6/97 concerning compatibility
    of SWEPCO 715 with Audi G002000.  SWEPCO is compatible with this

    Pentosin 7.1 on the other hand is another story.  The label on
    this product cautions that it is very important not to mix
    Pentosin 7.1 with Pentosin CHF 115 or any_other (underlined)
    hydraulic oil.  Based on this recommendation SWEPCO 715 is_not
    (underlined) compatible with the Pentosin.

    Our recommendation would be to thoroughly flush all lines of
    Pentosin before switching to SWEPCO 715.  I am confident you will
    experience the same superior performance, with SWEPCO 715 Power
    Steering/Hydraulic Oil, that many customers worldwide have seen.

    We thank you for your inquiry and if we can be of further service
    please let us know.

    Steve Cox
    Sales/Technical Manager
    SWEPCO Lubricants

For your information, the company web page is http://www.swepcousa.com/,
and now you know as much about them as I do (standard disclaimer here).

The local parts place sells the Swepco 715 for $6-7 per quart, while the
Pentosin 7.1 is $12.

I haven't been by my local Ford equipment dealer yet WRT a quart or
gallon or pail price on Ford spec #M6C34-A, have any of you?