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substitute hydraulic oil

>    In reference to your e-mail of 10/6/97 concerning compatibility
>    of SWEPCO 715 with Audi G002000.  SWEPCO is compatible with this
>    oil.
>    Pentosin 7.1 on the other hand is another story.  The label on
>    this product cautions that it is very important not to mix
>    Pentosin 7.1 with Pentosin CHF 115 or any_other (underlined)
>    hydraulic oil.  Based on this recommendation SWEPCO 715 is_not
>    (underlined) compatible with the Pentosin.

pentosin CHF 7.1 and audi G 002 000 are exactly the same thing.
my pentosin 7.1 can has a "audi G 002 000" sticker on it.
it is mineral oil-based.
pentosin CHF 11S (not "115") has a synthetic base and is therefore not
compatible.  i think swepco is trying to say, don't mix a synthetic with
a non synthetic.


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