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Re: BFG Touring T/A SR4

Hairy green toads from Mars made Mehul Dholakia say:

> Its time to change tires. My budget is ~$50/tire. Anybody have any
> recommendations in this range ? I am looking for all-season tires.
> Anybody have any experience with the BFG Touring T/A SR4 or the
> Bridgestone Potenza RE92 ? Did go thru the archive. However most
> tire recommendations found there are beyond my budget. :(

I just put the Touring T/A HR4 on Angela's 90Q20V. We both
love them (much better than the D60A2's they replaced). They
were $57 each, mounted and balanced.

I don't know how different the SR4's are, but I bet they're a lot
softer. Can you spring for the extra $7 each?


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