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Hella and the 1986 80

From: Michael Williams <daserde@ucla.edu>

>Hey all,i  jsut got in the mail the Hella catalogue.  In it they have
>some pretty cool stuff, but the only thing that appears to be compatible
>with my 4000Q is the rear tail light thing that they hvae for production
>dates until 9/86.  I am confused.  In Europe, the 80, which is the 4000
>here, is it not, was changed for the 87 model year? is that when Europe
>got what became the 80 and 90 here?  If so, then damn..hehe

Here is the UK story (from memory - some inaccuracies inevitable)

Early/mid  70s
Audi 80 L (1300) and LS (1500) - badge engineered versions of VW Passat 
(Dasher in US)  Angular body that is quite small.

Late 70s
Audi 80 GT 1.6 Carb 100hp (very rare)
Audi 80 GTE 1.6 (1588cc later used in Golf/Rabbit GTi)  K-Jet 110hp (quite 

New body shape - slightly more curved and larger
Indicators beside front lights, rectangular rear lights
Audi 80 LS, GLS and GLE (all 1588cc I think)

Late arrivals - Audi 80 SC and CD (CD had 5 cyl engine)

Audi 80 quattro 5 cyl 2144cc 136hp
Twin rectangular headlights (like Coupe), indicators and fogs in front 

80q now has 1.8 engine
Audi 90 introduced - same body shell as Audi 80, different trim, sloping 
front lights, grille etc.  All Audi 90s have 5cyl.  All Audi 80s have 4cyl.
Audi 90 E 2.0
Audi 90 CD 2226cc
Audi 90 quattro 2226cc

Audi 80s have new rear lights (more square)

New body shape - very curved

I haven't taken much interest since then - the cars cost too much!

I'll try and check these facts (and fictions) and post a correction next 
week if necessary.

1984 Audi 80 quattro
1989 Audi 100 Avant