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Rapid data transfer

KSMITH1@mailgw.sanders.lmco.com wrote:
> Hmmm.  Interesting.  I'll have to look at the diagram more.  I would
> note that for some of the 80/90s, VAG 1551 can be hooked to the fuse
> holder on the fuel pump relay to initiate, store and display the codes
> generated.  This is indicated for pre rapid data transfer vehicles.
> kirby
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> Subject: Rapid Data Transfer Mode
> Author:  phil@isham-research.demon.co.uk at INTERNET
> Date:    10/7/97 8:19 PM
> In message <43A62470.1299@mailgw.sanders.lmco.com>
> KSMITH1@mailgw.sanders.lmco.com writes:
> > This does beg the question of what the two-pin (female) connector in
> > my driver's side footwell is for.  It taps into a pair or wires, one
> > black/grey and one black/green (I think; light was bad at the time).
> > The connector housing is orange or reddish.  I haven't yet found in
> > the schematic section a pair of wires these colors with a connector
> > indicated.  It would be convenient if this connector duplicated the
> > fuze test point on the fuel pump relay.
> Have you ever seen the factory diagrams?  The base diagram for the car doesn't
> include things like ABS, a/c, etc. - it just indicates where the connectors for
> them are, and doesn't even list the two wires in each connector side by side.
> It's a needle-in-a-haystack job.
> The fuse block wire, however, is (at least on the MB ur-quattro) brought up to
> the electronic dashboard as pin 33 on the 35-way connector - it seems to be the
> ECU's control for the warning light that is used to tap out the codes.  It's
> black/white around the fusebox, but becomes gray/brown on the way.
> --
>  Phil Payne
>  Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club

The 80\90 Audis have VAG 1551 connector on fuel pump,BUT not work in VAG
1551 in Rapid Data Transfer mode.The VAG 1551 have two mode 1.Rapid Data
Transfer and 2. Blink output codes.The first one, only work on car since
1990 Audi&VW.Rapid Data Transfer show the parameter and component that
work in "real word".The Blink output code ONLY show the component
affected or that "fail" in the diagnosis.The Blink output code don't
show the parameter like: engine coolant temperature,timing,intake