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Re: ABS query.

LanganFF@aol.com wrote:
> Several weeks ago my ABS light came on permanently. Suggestions form the list
> solved the problem, and  my mechanic replaced the 4 wires. The light is now
> off.
> But he tells me one sensor...I thinkthe left rear--  is not working. He's an
> old racing driver -- Can-Am chamption 1986-- and a mechanic trained in
> Germany. "The first thing we always did at the track was turn off the ABS
> System."
> He says I can drive without the one rear sensor...sine the front ones work.
> Is this safe?  Should I drive on the higheway with the ABS off?
> Any help appreciated. No suggestiosn to dump mechanic.He's always trying to
> save me money and he's honest.
> Fred Langan
> 88 90Q (270,000 km)
> PS I'm thinking of buying a 93 V-8 with 75,000 km. WOuld it be expensive to
>  keep on the road?
	If the one rear sensor were not working the ABS computer would turn off
the system and turn on the Anti-Lock lamp.