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Re: substitute hydraulic oil

Andrew Duane USG/PE <duane@zk3.dec.com> wrote:

> Twice a year? Jeez, don't you guys *drive* your cars? I change each car every 5 weeks (3K miles).

I was confused at that too, but then I re-read the post.

Dewitt Harrison wrote:

> I do think it is hard to make a good case for bothering to find a Pentosin substitute.

Then Wolff wrote:

> I have to agree and carry the arguement over to engine oil.
> Don't even bother with the $2 a quart dino oil. Spend the $4 per quart to get
> synthetic. Or I would even say spend the $8 and get some good oil. 

And then went back to hydro oil, but didn't "carry the argument" back: 

> say you use the dino oil twice a year. That's about $20 bucks.

At least that's what I think was going on.  (I'm bothering to stick my
nose in because I had to do a double take on that twice a year thing