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Some One Beat Up My 92 100! parts needed

Does any one know where I can get tail lights, rear bumber and trunk lid 
at a fair price for my slightly rear ended 92 100?

I bought it in this condition for a pretty good price and am looking to 
finaly fix it. 

also some one has vandalized the hood when it was in the preivous owners 
hands (EX Girl friend) and scratched  FU in long hand on the hood and it 
looks like someone jumped up and down on it as well I am told that it 
will be almost $800 dollars to fill and repaint but then I have a 
problem with the rest of the paint not quite matching. 

So I am in need of the Hood and and grill assembly as well

the color is that Silver/blue I will know the exact name hopefully 
The rest of the car however is in mint condition other than the rear end

So does any one know where I can find these parts 

Thanks in Advance

Mark Fernando 

1992 A100s (In need of plastic surgery)
1987 5000TQ

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