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rack& roll (ugh!)

Decided that instead of buying pentosin by the tank-car load, I'm going to
rebuild the rack in my 86 5Ks.

Took the rack out of my parts car ("the wreck that keeps on giving!), and
after a little head scratching, took it apart. Not much in it except about a
dozen "O" rings. Only one was tough to get out - the little one in the right
side housing which seals the rack pushrod (about 6-7 MM diameter ID). Took
less than half an hour to take apart, heck, Billy Bob, ain't nuthin much in

The kit is only about $35 +/-, BUT - anyone know the torque settings and
gotchas to put this back together again? Does the kit come with any kind of
instructions? Is the kit complete or did I destroy the core taking out the
little O ring which was petrified anyway and probably where the spare rack
was leaking from, too? How do I align the steering pinion to the correct
spot on the rack (center the steering?) - probably not too hard, but if
there's any quick tips for this, they'd help!

List of other seals, o rings, torque settings, etc. would be greatly

Best Regards,

Mike Arman