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Re: Auto Audi (Wife must have auto?)

I own two automatic Audis and don't think it's true that the autos are so
bad.  I've had no tranny problems, but this does lurk as a possibility.
What I've heard is they won't hold up to turbo's that have been tweaked.
Most auto's don't have turbos though.  And keep in mind this is the Quattro
list.  Most automatics, including >all< 5000/4000 auto's are NOT quattros.
And being a Q-fanatic, generally means manual trans and preferably turbo.  A
potential problem with the 5000 auto is the seal between the auto and
differential can leak which would result in gear oil in the ATF, possibly
damaging the auto and frying the differential.  I'm told one way to avoid
expensive failure is to keep an eye on the ATF and look for rising fluid
level as a tell-tale sign this seal is leaking, then to check the diff fluid
level to be sure.
Dave C.
Columbus, OH
89 100, 87 5KS, 86 4KQ