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Girling brake caliper carrier pins stick

Sunday I put new pads & rotors on the front of my '92 S4.  I noticed that
the guide pins for the RF Girling caliper carrier are sticking.  In fact, one
was frozen and I had to free it up, after which it only moves reluctantly.
Is there a cure for this, or must I replace the carrier?  I didn't have time
Sunday to pull it apart and lube it (what kind of lube would it take?).  I
assume that there's corrosion in there which will interfere with the
ability of the brakes to self-adjust.  If it's really frozen, I'll bet it could
cause the new rotor to warp too!  So anyway, I need a fix.  Does
anyone in qlist land have a suggestion for repair?  If I have to replace
it, does anyone know if the part is available independently of the

TIA for your help
Doug Haley (haleyd@yankelovich.com)
"There is no fundamental difference between a sufficiently advanced
technology and magic" (A.C.Clarke)