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The Apology

I was wondering who would do that, and I hereby proffer a megabyte sized apology
to the list for my lassitude in dealing with matters electronic.  I raise my
virtual hand in acknowledgment of the "ready... FIRE... aim..." foul on number

In atonement I will: 1) read the earliest 12 q-digests that I can find at a
single sitting.  2) wear woolen underwear for a week.  3) read all synthoil
discussions that the archives contain.  4) not wash my car for a week.  5) set
the EVC for 0.00 so that I will not have any boost for the next week.  6) lower
the tire pressures of my quattro to 20psi so that it will not be enjoyable to
drive.  7) post nothing on minivans... except that I got rid of a Grand Caravan
to get the Trooper and cannot imagine owning another.

Flames? I certainly deserve them.  But be forewarned that I will simply use them
to cook all that spam... which is surprisingly good when burned at the edges and
serves with eggs, tomatoes, jalapenos and black coffee.

The only ameloriating circumstance that I can offer in my defense is that the
new computer at home uses a different mail system.  At home it defaults to
_including_ the reference post and the system at work defaults to _excluding_
the reference post... and clearly, I was at home.  I humble beg forgiveness at
having caused so great a transgression in bringing this difference to my
attention.  I will fix it.

Regards, Gross