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Re: Oil Pans & Valve Covers/Eurovan Motor

ScottyCBoy@aol.com wrote:
> I havn't ever heard nor seen of an official "Audi Sport" oil pan but I know
> the an S4 pan will work great in a 5ktq and will increase the oil capacity to
> like 6 Qts... Please correct me if I'm wrong It's been awhile since I looked
> at an S4 tech sheet.  I'm running an S4 pan on my 2.5 liter Eurovan motor I
> built up for my 4000q.  A 200Q 20v  pan would be a better match for the small
> body cars as it has the notch for the radiator..
> Scott

How many RPM's do you get for redline on the Eurovan motor? I like the
torque in those things. Where did you get the motor?