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RE: cc/m to g/h conversion?

OK, I try manual cutnpaste:

cc/min * .01585 = gallons/hr
gallon of gas weighs 6.3 pounds 
55 Lb/Hr = ~100 HP (SWAG)

injector    computes to:
cc/min    GPH   Lb/HR   HP
265cc     4.2      26.5     48
318cc     5         31.75   57.75
380cc     6         38        69

Just to put this all into context, this is a single injector used for enrichment
under boost with the Miller Woods/Callaway MicroFueler system with a 85
ur-Q. The 'stock' engine did not benefit from additional fuel with 15 PSI boost 
and the stock cam. The 2.3L KUQEFH seems to prefer the extra fuel. :)   

Still very much
dialing-in this setup and presently using the default 265cc injector. I was
guessing that I might want to go as high as a ~55 Lb/Hr injector to be sure
that there will be adequate fuel for 300+ HP assuming the stock CIS is good
for 200+. It looks like I will not need to go as high as 55 Lb/Hr. 
Note: presently running only 14 PSI boost...... so far......

THANKS and THANK YOU to EVERYONE that so kindly responded with
info on this!

-glen   gpowell@acacianet.com  (I am NOT on the list)