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Car Rental in Paris

Just returned from Paris and rented a non-Audi product not by choice.
Avis was out of A4's, did not have the new A6 in, and gave me a Citroen
Xantia DS. What a nice car. One of the best riding road cars I have
Not much power (75 PS Turbo Diesel, no Intercooler) but enough to cruise
at 150 KM comfortably.
The suspension comfort is unparalleled. The quality of the plastics, and
other fittings was top notch.
However the dash was pretty mundane, and the Peugeot 406 is much
Speaking of which the 406 Coupe is a knockout. Wow what a gourgeous car.

It looks like Peugeot discontinued their 4x4 405 drivetrain. As far as I
can discern from their price list, the 406 does not have a 4x4
I want a Traction Avant. It might look pretty cool as a company car.
Wonder what they would say at Sears when I come in for an oil change
(just kidding!)
All the best,
Paul Rivera
90 V8
91 200 tqw