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<Audi> Solved ABS problem

In message <> Steve Manning writes:

> BTW, the 'press-in' nature of the ABS sensors strikes me as rather cheesy.
> Others I have worked on have been secured with a bolt or something more
> secure.  As far as setting the gap is concerned, I just pushed them all the
> way in until they bottomed, and pried them out a tiny bit.  They worked
> fine with this rather crude procedure.  Bentley was no help with this whole
> process.........SLM

The proper procedure is not at all crude.
The PVC cap on the sensor (part # 437 927 809) is a one-time ablative.  The 
microfiche is quite explicit - the cap _MUST_ be discarded when the sensor is 
removed, and replaced with a new one.  The sensor is then replaced and pushed 
in until it _touches_ the rotor.  Obviously, the cap gets partly worn off as 
soon as the vehicle moves - but the thickness of the _NEW_ cap sets the sensor 
gap very accurately indeed.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club