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<Audi> Solved ABS problem

I've been having an intermittent problem w/the ABS on my '90 200tqw.  Every
once in a while, while you are in the process of slowing down and hit 5-10
mph, the ABS would go crazy, cycling very quickly.  It would give you a
heart attack, because you essentially had no brakes and you would blow
right through the red light (or stopped car) you were stopping for.

Well, I fixed it, without spending a thing.  I pulled the ABS sensors, and
they were covered with large amounts of goop and metallic particles about
1/4 inch deep.  Cleaned them off, lubed them back up, and put them back in.
 Presto, no more problem (well, not yet....)

So if you have a problem like this, try doing what I did first.  You'll be
amazed at the crap on the sensors.

BTW, the 'press-in' nature of the ABS sensors strikes me as rather cheesy.
Others I have worked on have been secured with a bolt or something more
secure.  As far as setting the gap is concerned, I just pushed them all the
way in until they bottomed, and pried them out a tiny bit.  They worked
fine with this rather crude procedure.  Bentley was no help with this whole

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