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Re: A6 transmissions

Use the ebrake. You're putting strain on the driveshafts, mounts,etc.
After you put it in park, the locking mechanism "preloads" a little arm
engages a toothed rotor (for lack of better words). If the car is on and
incline, it rolls a little loads the mechansim even more. Use the ebrake
first, then put it in park. 

On Mon, 13 Oct 1997, Scott 20191668 Bermes wrote:

> Since this is my first AT Audi, I have noticed when my 97 A6QW is on an
> incline (like a driveway)and I shift from park to drive, it makes a
> "clanking" sound.  However, if I engage the ebrake and shift from P to D
> it shifts smoothly.  Am I missing something elementary with the newer
> Audi transmittions?  Am I wearing down the transmission prematurely?  I
> rarely used the ebrake in other AT cars, even on similar type of
> inclines. Appreciate any feedback.
> TIA,
> Scott
> 97 A6QW