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Re: Hot fuel pump relay...and fuse/relay panel moisture

I think that age and condition of the contacts and wiring has a lot to do
with it, but also the condition of the fuse-relay panel itself can be
overlooked.  On the 4KQ I used to have, the fan wiring burned and nearly
caught fire.  I when I removed the fuse-relay panel to replace it, it was
obvious that someone had left the cover off/ajar for extended periods --
you could see the greenish corrosion through the slots when you looked
with a flashlight.   You couldn't see this corrosion with the relays installed
but once you removed it -- plain as day.  

Has anyone on the list ever put a couple of those little dessicant packs
that are frequently found at the bottom of dry-goods shipments inside the
cover of the fuse/relay panel?  I was thinking you could tape a couple of
them to the lid and replace them every few months or so.  Or is there
some agent that you could spray into the panel with the components
removed that would disperse moisture without harming the conductivity
of the contacts?

Best Wishes,

'86 5KCSTQ
(hopefully soon with custom springs!!) :-)