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Tire bags/covers


This year I have used tire bags to hold my race tires for traveling to
and from Solo II events. Many people have asked about them. I finally got
around to contacting the manufacturer. They are made of a heavy duty gray
nylon type material, sewn together with a black piping. There are zippers
that close them similar to a clam shell (the zippers sort of follow the
BFG evil groove of doom, around the diameter, center of the tire). They
have nylon strap handles to carry the tire, that snap together. Pirelli
Tires had used them for their sales people to ship promo tires via
airplanes or otherwise. Pirelli did silk screen their name on the side of
the bag, which could add a few bucks to the price. What's nice about them
is you can take the tire complete with goo, stones, dirt, etc. and place
them right in the bag. Pop them in the car, and away you go. Protects the
interior of the car. Works for going to and from auto-cross and track

The guys say it requires a minimum order of 100 bags. They figure it
should cost less than $45. for each bag (4 per car = $180.) 

So are there enough people REALLY interested in these things? I don't
want to end up sitting 80 tire bags.

Matt Murray