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strange noises:
I put my 1985 4ksq in reverse, and turn the wheel all the way (either
side) while I back up to turn around in a tight space. after a few feet,
I hear a clank once, at a noticeable volume. As I accelerate in a strait
line after the turning maneuver, occasionally I will hear a quieter, but
similarly sounding clank, particularly if the preceding clank was loud.
I have replaced the front struts since I noticed this noise, but it
still remains. After quite a bit of looking at the suspension, I cannot
find any worn/bent parts, and I have replaced the steering tie rod ends.
Still noisy! Perhaps the problem resides in the rack and pinion? I do
notice a slight movement in the steering wheel on the primary clank. Any
suggestions would be very appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Dustin Sysko
Visual Bitstream, Inc.
professional CAD/Computer Graphics