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'88 5000cstq electric gremlins

I have a 5000cstq w/problems of electric problem-the car keeps on goint dead
after overnight or a few hours of being parked. My mechanic has been
sleuthing it out but here some issues - the elctirc antenna is stuck down and
seems to be running sometimes even on its own. My wife noticed it in the
upright position with radio off. Then she slammed the rear door and the
antenna went down. It is now stuck in the down position. She noticed the
whirring sound (sounded like it was running) before she opened the door, even
though the radio was off. ALso I found water (@2 inches) in the bottom left
of the trunk compartment-could this be a problem?. This car has 113,000 miles
and in great shape but will have to go if this continues and it won't start
reliably. Any ideas or suggestion welcome. Any idea about replacing the
antenna at a reasonable price? Thank you. Steve Meyrich - StevenM659@aol.com