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I'm Back!! Scary huh?

Hello quattroites,

Well I have been a mere mortal the past few months.  I have been feeling
very vulnerable since selling my beloved 4kq.  Now it looks like I may
be rejoining the ranks of the quattro elite.  I will be starting a new
position Hall-Mark distributing that will require a lot of day trips
equaling to about 25k miles per year come hell or high water.  I need to
drive a four door car, so I thought about checking into another quattro.
I have decided to buy either a quattro or another Mercedes.  I do not
really want to get into a debate over what is better, they both have
great qualities.  The question is, what Audi should I buy for this

I am thinking either an early V8 or a 5000.  I do not really remember
too much about the different 5k and 200s.  I know that whatever I get I
will want to do the suspension and chip it (this makes me lean towards
the turbo rather than V8).  I remember when I left the list last time
that Eric was putting together a suspension setup for the 5ks, did this
happen?  Feedback?  Cost?

I would really appreciate advice on choosing the right car and expected
price ranges.  I prefer to stay below $10k so I have some left for the

Thanks for the help.


Steven Verona